Advice For Making The Most Of A Lobster Festival Visit

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Advice For Making The Most Of A Lobster Festival Visit

28 June 2019
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Among all of the different types of events that you can attend, those that are focused around food are often some of the most enjoyable. In addition to giving you the opportunity to try tasty fare — often in large quantities — you'll also be able to sit around with friends and enjoy some camaraderie as you eat. If you're fortunate, you'll get to partake in a lobster festival event with some friends — perhaps in a city in which there's a healthy lobster fishing industry. If you're attending this type of event for the first time, you want to make the most of the experience. These tips are important to note in advance of the lobster festival.

Practice In Advance

A lobster festival will give you a chance to eat a bunch of lobsters — typically, in an all-you-can-eat manner. If you haven't previously eaten a whole lobster, you might feel a little intimidated by the process of cracking it open. Instead of learning on the fly during the event, it can be a good idea to practice a little in advance. Buy a whole lobster from your local seafood store, cook it, and then crack it by following along with a tutorial video online. Doing so will make you feel comfortable about the process, and you can then get through as many lobsters as possible during the festival.

Don't Fill Up On Other Things

At all-you-can-eat lobster festivals, the menu tends to be on the simple side. In addition to freshly boiled lobster and butter, there might be dinner rolls and beverages available. Munching on some rolls and having a few glasses of beer can certainly be appealing, but doing so can fill you up prematurely. If you want to make the most of the event from a financial perspective, skipping the other menu items and concentrating more on the lobster is your best bet.

Remember The Social Element

While there's nothing wrong with attending a lobster festival event by yourself or with your spouse, don't forget that these events tend to be highly social. It's fun to attend as a group, so think about recruiting some friends or family members who may be interested in partaking with you. If you can't get a large group together, don't be afraid to be friendly with those in the line as you enter; you may end up sitting with them and making friends on the fly.

To learn more about other events around your town, contact a local magazine or newspaper for ideas on what you can do.