The Benefits Of Choosing Digital Printed Custom-Made Stickers For Your Small Business

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The Benefits Of Choosing Digital Printed Custom-Made Stickers For Your Small Business

24 May 2016
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Custom-made stickers can be great for promoting your business and they work well as long-lasting advertisement that can be seen by many people. Getting the most for your money when having your stickers printed is important for getting the most out of the lowest investment, especially if you are trying to keep down advertising costs in your business. For this reason, you need to know why it is best to choose digital printing for your custom-made stickers.

When You Only Need A Few To Get Started

When stickers are made using the traditional method of screen printing, getting only a few sheets could be impossible because the set-up process for making them was time-consuming. Most sticker makers would not offer you only a sheet because of the time it took them to set-up dies for cutting out your stickers. However, with digital printing, you can order only a few to get you started. If you only want to make a small investment in your initial sticker advertising campaign, having them digitally printed is the best way to go.

Imaging And Designs You Can Use

You may have a cool design in mind for your custom-made stickers. Maybe you would like to have a photograph image put on your stickers. Traditional screen printing techniques for stickers is limited to how many colors you can use and some do not have the set-up for producing stickers from photographed imagery. With digital printing, you can have more choices for a unique, colorful design. When it comes to advertising using stickers, you can have the greatest and most creative designs made using digital technology, a huge benefit when you need your stickers to make an impact and to stand out above the rest.

Odd Shapes And Small Sizes Are No Problem

Because digital printing technology does not require die-cuts for set-up and printing, your stickers can be made in any shape or size. With traditional screen printing techniques, you could not get a sticker that was too small because there was not an available die for it. If you need a sticker that is oddly-shaped, you can have it made using digital technology. Some odd-shaped stickers using screen printing would require the creation of specially designed dies, which also meant a lot more money for the creation of your stickers.

Custom-made stickers from a company like Northwest Label can be an excellent way to spread the word about your business. Giving out stickers with your company's logo on them means your company will be seen wherever those stickers are placed, a chance to advertise to many people at a low cost.