Attracting Greater Club Membership In An Area With No Country Clubs

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Attracting Greater Club Membership In An Area With No Country Clubs

25 August 2016
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A country club is often the social center of a community, especially in suburban areas. If you are opening the first country club in your area, you may find that the opposite is true. If an area has not had many or any country clubs for the community to enjoy, membership may not be as sought out as you hoped. At the onset of starting a brand new country club, you may want to hire a private club consulting firm. Here are some ways that strategic planning can help you attract desirable membership for the first country club in the area. 

Solicit communities in the direct perimeter

One of the best ways to find people who may be interested in joining a country club for the sense of social community is to solicit communities that may be looking for a specific community center. The best place to start are the communities that are directly on the perimeter of the new country club and golf course. These communities will enjoy close proximity, plus the ability to easily plan events at a club that is directly central to their location. 

Figure out your membership target

With the help of a private club strategy consultant, figure out the right type of person or family you need to target for membership to your country club. This will likely be dependent on several factors, including the makeup of your city, the cost of membership to your club, and the current and proposed amenities of the country club. Once you have made a profile of the people or families who would best benefit from membership, expand the profile to determine the habits of your target members to make a marketing plan to draw them in. 

Target similar institutions

In order to find members, you can target institutions and clubs that have a similar membership target as you. This will mean that you do not have to start over with marketing and it means that you may be able to find complete social circles who may be interested in signing up together. This will help to quickly and easily build up a membership role that has a sense of community. Offer institutions such as social clubs and community service groups, homeowners associations in the direct area, and groups based on professions a discount for their membership. This will lead to the lengthening of your roles with quality members looking for similar community attributes and enjoyment.