3 Tips For Choosing Office Chairs For Workers Of All Sizes

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3 Tips For Choosing Office Chairs For Workers Of All Sizes

13 March 2017
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In your office setting, there is a good chance that you have workers of all different sizes. Some might be very petite in height, while others might stand over six feet tall. Some might be slim, while others might be bigger. When choosing office furniture, such as office chairs, you probably want to make sure that it's comfortable for everyone who might work in the office. These are a few tips that can help you find chairs that will work well for all of your employees.

1. Skip The Armrests

First of all, when buying office chairs, you may want to skip the chairs that have arm rests. If chairs have arm rests, it can make it difficult for employees who have wider frames to fit comfortably. As an added bonus for your business, many chairs that do not have arm rests are actually more affordable than those that do have them, so it's a good way to accommodate everyone while cutting costs at the same time.

2. Choose Chairs With Adjustable Heights

Another important thing to look at when buying office chairs is how adjustable the height is on each chair. Many office chairs are adjustable, but some offer a wider range of heights than others. Choosing one that can be adjusted significantly can be a smart option; then, you can help ensure that it can easily be adjusted to the proper height for employees who are short, tall, and in-between.

3. Look For Chairs With Higher Weight Limits

Many office chairs have a weight limit, and if an employee is over that weight limit, the chair could be at risk of failing -- which could put your employee at risk of getting hurt. Additionally, even if the chair does not fail, you have to worry about it wearing out more quickly if employees who are over or close to the weight limit use it regularly. Looking for chairs with a higher weight limit will help you safely accommodate more employees and help ensure that chairs do not wear out as quickly. That can save you money in replacements in the long run.

As you can see, there are various things that you can look for when buying office chairs for your office so that you can help ensure that all of your employees can be as comfortable as possible. If you shop at a store that specializes in selling office furniture, you shouldn't have a hard time finding chairs that suit these requirements.