How To Revitalize Your Home's Older Fabric Window Awnings

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How To Revitalize Your Home's Older Fabric Window Awnings

30 March 2017
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If you purchased a home this winter that has some fabric window awnings that have clearly seen better days, then you will be pleased to learn that you can easily revitalize them. Since window awnings are not inexpensive and are wonderful for keeping the heat from the sun out of your house during the hot summer months, you should take the time to clean and maintain them.

To make your home's old fabric awnings look like new, follow this simple procedure:

Step 1: Remove the Fabric from the Awning's Frame

To make the job of cleaning and revitalizing your fabric awnings easier, you need to remove the fabric from the awnings' frames. Taking the fabric down makes it much easier to work with over trying to do it up in the air. It is also safer to clean the awning fabric on the ground where you do not have to stand on a ladder.

Step 2: Wash Off the Canvas with Soap and Water

Since your home's awnings need to be cleaned and inspected for damage, lay each one of them flat on a clean concrete surface and rinse them off with your garden hose. Place a teaspoon of liquid laundry soap into a bucket of warm water and use it to clean the awnings. Use a natural-bristle brush and scrub the awnings to remove any caked-on grime. As you are cleaning the awnings, make note of any areas that need repairs. Let the fabric air dry.

Step 3: Repair Small Tears in the Canvas Using a Similar Color Canvas Material

If you find any small tears in the awning's canvas, then you can patch them using a piece of similar color canvas material. You can purchase the material at a local craft store. Cut a square patch and glue it on the underside of the awning. If the awnings have large tears, then the awning fabric will need to be replaced.

Step 4: ReInstall the Awning Fabric Back on Their Frames

Once you have cleaned and patched the awnings, then you should reinstall them on their mounting frames. Before putting the fabric back on, take a moment to verify that the hardware doesn't need any tightening or other repairs.

Step 5: Have the Awnings Replaced if They Are Too Damaged

Finally, if during the cleaning and refurbishing process you discover that your home's old fabric awnings are beyond cleaning and repair, then you should contact a local window contractor to order replacements.