Why Personalized Wooden Boats Are a Great Investment

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Why Personalized Wooden Boats Are a Great Investment

30 March 2017
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The debate between wood and other boating materials has been going on for decades. However, getting a personalized wooden boat is a great investment for a variety of reasons. 

Wooden Boats Ride More Smoothly

Wooden boats are a great choice because they ride more smoothly on the water than other types of boats. Why? The material is a little thicker and is more capable of handling the shock of waves against it. As a result, people who ride in boats often feel less strain and less seasickness. For those who suffer from such ailments when boating, this is a great benefit.

Wood is also a more flexible material than aluminum and glass. This fact means that it is more capable of reacting well against waves. Rather than the stiff and awkward "hop" that occurs with an aluminum boat, a wooden boat will cut through the waves and provide a comfortable ride.

Wood Boats Last a Long Time

While aluminum boats could potentially last a lifetime if they are maintained well, the same is true of wooden boats. Restoration experts claim that wooden boats can last 60-80 years before receiving their first restoration. By comparison, they claim other boats typically need restoration at half that age, due to the problems of rust and weathering.

In fact, they have even stated that a wooden boat, properly maintained and restored, can last over 100 years. For people who are looking for a boat that will last several generations, this is a great benefit. This is especially true of personalized boats that can be decorated with family names, seals, or other vital decorative items.

Personalized Boats Look Great

Personalizing wooden boats is a great style choice because they often look great. For example, a wooden boat made out of cedar other types of hardwood have a natural style that makes them look incredible cutting across the water. Adding personalized items and other decorative items also makes it a boat unique to the person who owns it.

The long life of a wooden boat also makes it a great family heirloom for children and grandchildren. Adding a personalized touch to the boat will make it even more special to these people. It will remind them of the family member who gave the boat to them.

It should be obvious by now that wooden boats are a great investment. Adding a personal touch increases their value and makes them an even better choice for someone looking to buy a high-quality boat.