Don't Want Dark Automobile Windows? 2 Benefits Of Clear Auto Window Tint

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Don't Want Dark Automobile Windows? 2 Benefits Of Clear Auto Window Tint

31 March 2017
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If you own a car and have never opted to have its windows tinted, then it may be due to the misconception many auto owners have that auto window film only comes in three shades -- dark, darker, and darkest. However, there are new auto window tints on the market that are almost clear or even crystal clear, such as 3M window tint crystalline, that offer similar benefits to dark auto window tints without darkening the windows. 

Read on to learn how clear or close-to-clear auto window tints benefit you, your passengers, and your vehicle. 

1. Clear Auto Window Tints Can Block as Much as 99 Percent of the Sun's Harmful UV Rays

If you and your family don't seem to get sunburned while riding in your vehicle or even develop tans due to the sun shining through the windows, this may lead you to believe that you are protected from at least most of the sun's harmful UV rays while inside of your car. The truth is that while windows do block most of the sun's UVB rays that cause skin to burn, they block none of the sun's UVA rays, which are the rays that can cause cancer and premature signs of aging. 

Clear window tints can block most of the sun's harmful UVA rays, which makes riding in your car on sunny days much healthier for your skin and the skin of your family members. In addition, since the sun's UV rays are also damaging to your eyes, window tint can also protect your family from cataracts, macular degeneration, and other serious eye diseases. 

As an added bonus, UV-blocking window tint will also help keep your car's interior upholstery in good condition and prevent the fading of fabrics and cracking of leather that the sun's UV rays can cause. 

2. Clear Tints Can Block Even More Heat Than Dark Ones

A well-designed clear auto window tint, such as the 3M tint mentioned, can reflect even more heat away from your car on those hot summer days than even dark tint can. The clear 3M window tint blocks 60 percent of solar energy and 97 percent of heat produced by infrared rays. As you can imagine, this means that clear window film can prevent your car's interior from becoming super-hot when parked on those hot summer days and even reduce your reliance on your vehicle's air-conditioning system in the summer while you are driving. 

The ability to run your vehicle's air conditioning system less, or even not at all, while still staying cool in the hot summer months can save you money due to the reduced MPG rating all cars get when their air conditioners are running. 

If you don't want dark automobile windows or already have darker tint on some of your windows, but left your windshield un-tinted due to local laws, then realize that there are well-designed clear window tints on the market today that provide all of the UV- and heat-blocking benefits of darker tints. Clear auto tint can protect the health of your family, preserve the good condition of your vehicle's upholstery, and keep your family cooler in the summer. Talk to a professional, such as Professional Window Tinting, for more information.