Should You Buy A Franchise Or Keep A Personal Business?

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Should You Buy A Franchise Or Keep A Personal Business?

31 March 2017
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When people start a new business, they have to make an important decision between a franchise or a personal or family-oriented business. This choice is tough because each has many advantages. Here are a few important considerations to keep in mind.

Franchises Have Their Advantages

The best part about owning a franchise is that the owner gets a recognized name that people trust and respect. The franchise owner will also receive a variety of help from the company providing them the franchise, such as help choosing an area in which they can place their business, construction help, financing options, training, and much more.

While franchises are not as independent as a personally-owned or family-oriented business, they are a strong way to start a business. Franchises have their rules that the owner must follow, such as specific recipes or operation procedures, but even these have their benefits. For example, a person opening a new pizza restaurant franchise location won't need to create their own recipe. 

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Family Businesses Can Be Useful Too

People who crave their independence should consider a personal business. They will be able to make their own rules and follow only their ideas. While they won't receive the financial and construction support of a franchise, they will be able to run their business any way they see fit. For those with a strong personal vision, this is a major advantage.

Family-oriented businesses are also a good idea because they let the business owner keep the business central to their life. Rather than having to deal with distant corporate owners and stockholders, they and their family can make all the decisions and reap all the rewards. Unfortunately, they also absorb all the failures, which is likely the biggest disadvantage to going it alone.

Deciding Between The Two

When it comes to deciding between these two options, the biggest question is that of independence versus support. People who own their own business without a franchise have all the freedom they could want but are left without the support of a franchise. Those who need a little extra help or simply want it often do best with a franchise.

A good franchise also helps a company stand out in a way that local businesses can't. While local residents and tourists are likely to be curious about a new franchise-free business, they may start going to a franchise business instead of out of habit. As a result, the surge of new customers can quickly dwindle down to nothing.

This information isn't to deter people from attempting to go it alone. Many great businesses have been formed by skilled, dedicated, and visionary people. However, it is important to understand the dangers of this approach and how it can affect a person's investment.