Understanding Whether Biodegradable Peanuts Are Right for Your Business

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Understanding Whether Biodegradable Peanuts Are Right for Your Business

31 March 2017
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If you own a business and ship products to customers, then you may want to pick the right shipping materials. While boxes are important, so are the cushioning materials that go into the boxes. These materials may include packing peanuts. Packing peanuts are great for filling voids in boxes of all sizes.

However, you may be concerned about the amount of styrofoam that ends up in your local landfills if the traditional types of peanuts are utilized. Well, you can pick biodegradable options instead. Keep reading to learn about some pros and cons of these types of peanuts. 

Pros of Biodegradable Peanuts

This biggest pro to biodegradable peanuts is the fact that they are environmentally friendly. These peanuts are typically made out of wheat or soy products and break down when they are exposed to water. Basically, they dissolve when they come into contact with fluid. Your customer can wet the peanuts themselves or they can throw them away and this will happen at the landfill.

Another good benefit of the peanuts is the fact that they do not carry a static charge. If you make or ship electronic products, then you may have had to purchase the more expensive pink static free peanuts. The biodegradable ones can reduce your costs and ensure the safety of electronics. Also, the lack of static can help to keep the  peanuts from sticking to employees or boxes during the packing process. 

Cons of Biodegradable Peanuts

While biodegradable peanuts are a good choice if you want to be environmentally friendly, they are a bit more expensive. If you are on a tight budget or if you offer free shipping to your customers, then this may not be ideal. 

Also, the peanuts are made from dense materials and there is less air within the peanuts themselves. This makes them heavier. While you may not notice the heft, they can weigh down packages. This can greatly increase your shipping costs. 

You should know that not all suppliers have the environmentally friendly peanuts as well. If you already have a retailer who you purchase your shipping supplies from, check to see if they have the peanuts as an option for you.

If you are not sure if the biodegradable peanuts are the right choice for your business, then it may be time to seek out the advice of a shipping supply business that can offer custom packing needs. This may you can be sure that your business can ship items with environmental friendliness and cost in mind.