Tips for Keeping Your Office Carpet Clean

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Tips for Keeping Your Office Carpet Clean

3 April 2017
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You want your carpets to always look their best in your office, but that can be tough if you receive a lot of foot traffic and you have a lot of employees. People tracking in dirt from the outside, spilling food or other liquids, or just day-to-day business activity can all make your carpets look dirty quickly. It can be a challenge to keep it looking good. Here a three tips on keeping your office carpet looking its best. 

Make changes to your entryway

A non-carpeted entryway is an ideal choice for a business with a lot of customer traffic. The entryway is one of the top places where dirt is easily trapped. Having a non-carpeted entryway can make maintaining that area easier. In some cases, it can add a complementary touch to your business, especially if it's made of high quality material such as wood or tile.

If this is out of the question, then consider placing a nice rug or mat near the entry way both on the inside and outside. They will help trap and hold dirt before it can be dragged elsewhere in the office.

Clean up spills quickly and vacuum regularly

Any time anyone spills anything, work quickly to clean it up. First, sop up as much moisture as possible and then treat the stain as much as you can. If you can't get the stain out all the way, let your cleaning or maintenance personnel know about it so that they can treat it as soon as possible.

Also, be sure to have a regular vacuuming schedule, preferably every day if your business has a lot of traffic, or at least a few times a week for less busy areas. The rugs and mats in the entry way should be vacuumed as well. To further keep stains and spills to a minimum, keep food and coffee service out of carpeted areas, or use a protective mat around the area.

Deep clean carpets regularly

Finally, if you want your business's carpets to look good on a consistent basis, you must set up a regular deep-cleaning schedule. Not only will this keep your carpet looking good, it can also help it last longer. Regular cleaning also helps reduce germs, dust and dander which may make employees or customers sick.

Clean-looking and smelling carpet may also encourage your employees to take pride in their office and work harder to prevent spills and stains. Look for a company which specializes in commercial carpet cleaning to clean your office rugs and carpets. They know what to do about high-traffic dirt and getting rid of spots so your carpet always looks ready for business.

For more information or assistance, call commercial carpet cleaning companies like H & L Janitorial Service.