Tips For Hiring The Best Short-Term Construction Workers

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Tips For Hiring The Best Short-Term Construction Workers

4 April 2017
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If you are a new building contractor who needs to hire some temporary construction workers to complete a big job on time, then it is important that you hire high-quality workers. Since the work that your short-term workers complete will reflect on your new business, it is vital that you hire workers who will show up when they are supposed to be on the job site and that they do excellent quality work for your business. To this end, here are some tips for hiring the best short-term construction workers:

Tip: Test the Skills of Temporary Construction Workers Before Committing Them to Your Project

Before you leave your temporary construction workers loose on the job site, first test their skill set by asking them to complete some simple test projects. This is very important because people often misrepresent their abilities. The last thing you want to discover is that your finish carpentry expert has never actually done any finish carpentry projects. It is always better to discover this on a test project than on the custom home you are building.

Tip: Make Sure the Temporary Workers Can Commit to Finish the Project

Since many short-term workers move from job to job and work for various other building contractors, you should always ask new workers if they are able to commit to finishing the entire project that you need them for. This is very important because the workers may have other projects lined up in a few weeks and you don't want them to bail on your project before it is completed.

Tip: Check References on All Short-Term Workers

Even though you may only want temporary construction workers to work on a short-term project, you should still contact their references and make sure that they have a decent past work history. If you skip this important step, then you might end up with workers who don't show up to work or steal building supplies from your site.

Tip: Consider Using Construction Workers Provided by a Temporary Staffing Agency

Finally, even though the cost of using short-term construction workers from a temporary staffing agency may be a bit higher than hiring your own workers. this is an option that you should consider. By using workers from a temporary agency you can save yourself the hassle of screening workers and also the headaches of processing their payroll. In addition, the staffing agency will ensure that the workers do quality work and have been drug tested if this is an option that your business requires.