What Are The Benefits Of G Suite App Maker?

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What Are The Benefits Of G Suite App Maker?

26 March 2018
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G Suite App Maker is just one of the newest tools for simplifying an app developer's life. It makes it easy for an individual to create a business app without having deep coding knowledge. Here are some of the benefits of this program. 

Low Code Knowledge Required

G Suite App Maker is designed for people who are not full stack developers. It has a lot of features that are pre-coded, meaning you can focus more on building the design of the app rather than trying to program basic functionality. For businesses that need to develop an app on a lower budget, this can save you thousands of dollars; you don't need to pay a developer to create basic functionality.  The drawback is that custom functionality becomes harder to do. For a basic app, G Suite App Maker is a lifesaver. 

Many business functions are standard across a variety of industries. For instance, time tracking is a problem that almost every business needs to solve. These are the types of problems that can be easily solved with a G Suite app. These common functions are part of the G Suite code library already, so they can be built into an interface that is custom to your company and quickly shipped in app form. 

Drag and Drop

The user interface for this program is excellent. It has a lot of drag and drop features that make design a breeze and a delight. Especially if you are not a technical person,  the drag and drop functionality makes it much more straightforward to add certain features or functionality to your app design. 


Apps are designed to work across platforms. This is a huge challenge for developers since browsers are always changing and bugs often follow. G Suite App Maker is helpful because the code library is kept up-to-date so that it stays functional even when big changes happen to browsers. 

Easy to Learn

The biggest benefit is perhaps the ease of learning this program. Google has good documentation for their product, but the best way to learn it is to attend a G Suite App Maker Training program. These training sessions will show you all of the important features of the program and how to get the most out of the tools provided. You should come out with an understanding of the best workflow to use when making apps with G Suite App Maker. You might even come out of training with a fully working prototype of your first app. 

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