When To Take Your Bicycle To A Repair Shop

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When To Take Your Bicycle To A Repair Shop

9 July 2020
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If you rely on your bicycle to get you to work and back on a daily basis, you need to keep it in tip-top shape. Most bicycle owners can handle bicycle maintenance tasks like lubing the chain and replacing the tires, but there are some repair jobs that are best left to the professionals. This article covers some of the most common bicycle repairs that a bicycle repair shop handles.

Brake Adjustments

Just like car brake systems, bicycle brake systems have parts that need to be replaced on a regular basis. Bicycles typically have rim brakes that force friction pads against the metal part of one or both wheels or disc brakes that slow the wheel hubs when activated. Some bicycles may have other kinds of brake systems, including drum brakes, drag brakes, or coaster (back pedal) brakes. Even if you know how to work on one type of brake system, if you have purchased a new bicycle recently, you may have to learn to work on a different system. A better choice is to simply let the professionals handle brake adjustments for you. They can replace brake pads, hydraulic cables, and other delicate components perfectly so you can continue to trust your brake system after it is serviced.

Shifter Repairs

If your shifter is skipping gears or refusing to shift gears altogether, you likely need a professional shifter repair. A bicycle repair technician can look at all of the individual components of your shifter, including the chain, gears, and cables. Some elements of a bicycle shifter system are prone to wearing out over time or must be kept clean to stay fully operational. A bicycle repair technician can tell you if any parts of your system need to be replaced and can replace them for you. This typically involves opening up the shifter system to replace gears, but it may be as simple as replacing a worn-out chain. What you need more than anything is an experienced technician who can accurately diagnose the problem with your shifter.

Bent Frame Restorations

Bicycle accidents happen all too frequently, and although the riders' health is the top concern, bicycles get damaged during accidents, too. If you recently experienced a bicycle accident, it is possible that your bicycle's frame is bent. Riding with a bent frame can be uncomfortable or even unsafe, especially if your wheels are no longer properly aligned. A bicycle repair technician can true your bicycle's wheels and bend your frame back into shape so you can ride safely and comfortably again.

To learn more, contact a bicycle repair shop in your area.