Luxury Handmade Area Rugs: Combining Art And Comfort

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Luxury Handmade Area Rugs: Combining Art And Comfort

23 March 2021
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Luxury handmade area rugs are a great addition to any room.  Whether you want an extravagant rug that is sure to catch the attention of everybody who passes by, or a more conservative rug that adds some softness to the room, there is a rug for you.

First off, hand knotted rugs do not have the same types of glues and adhesives that machine rugs do.  This offers so much when it comes to longevity and durability.  While machine made rugs fall apart quickly with time or when washed, handmade rugs will stay in one piece.  Also, luxury handmade area rugs are not treated with chemicals like many of the cheaper machine rugs are.  They are sure to be better for the environment, and better for your home.

Next, handmade rugs offer so much to any room.  They come in many different colors, shapes, and styles.  They can be small, huge, knotted, tufted, and come in any or every color of the rainbow.  With the expertise and passion that go into making the rugs, each one can be considered a masterful work of art.  With less of them being made each year, they are a dying art form that you are sure to regret not buying.  Because they are becoming rarer, they can also be a good investment.  You can buy a rug and store it for later if you want to get some extra money back on a beautiful investment.

If you do not have underfloor heating, they are a fantastic way to keep a cold hardwood floor warm in the winter while also insulating the room against the chill.  They also insulate against noise.  Adding an area rug dampens sounds by offering a soft place for you to walk, and it protects against echoes that happen in many hardwood areas.

Area rugs also add a couple safety features that you might not have thought about.  Studies have shown that they are better to have in your room than just a hardwood floor if you have breathing problems.  Also, they protect against slipping and are softer and better for your feet.  This is a slight, but important benefit as they take some of the pressure off your body as you walk around.

Luxury handmade rugs are a great idea for anybody that wants a customizable piece of art in their home that also adds some great calming and health aspects as well.  Whatever your rug desires may be, there is sure to be one to make you happy. Check out websites like and other sites for more information.