4 Types of Books That Make Great Gifts for Your Entrepreneur Friends

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4 Types of Books That Make Great Gifts for Your Entrepreneur Friends

29 April 2021
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If uou have a friend who owns their own business, owning and operating a small business probably tends to eat up most of their days. The daily work can quickly turn into the daily drag. Meanwhile, precious free time is in short supply. That's why it's important to give them a gift that will keep them inspired during their free time.

Reading makes for a great hobby, even if they can only spare a few minutes out of the day. It's certainly better than idling away the time on a smartphone. But what should you get them to read? That's a great question, especially if they've never been much of a reader.

Fiction is just that, fictional. Many also explore themes that are the opposite of inspired productivity. While they may be entertaining, they are in fact distracting your friend from what they need to be accomplishing in order to make the business work. For the entrepreneur, books that inspire them to keep up with all their hard work are the best.


Books about famously successful entrepreneurs are always a great bet. Many of these entrepreneurs also went through incredible hardships on the path to great success. A great, non-fiction, frugality to fortune story might really hit the spot for your friend who is struggling. Being an entrepreneur often involves sacrifices that people who work for others don't have to make. 


These are your traditional self-help manuals. Many are chock full of great ideas on how to be more productive and successful.  You'll want to do your research, however. Find the titles that come highly recommended by other people that you know. When it comes to self-help titles, remember the idiom: "Those who can do. Those who can't teach."

Books of Inspirational Quotes

Gift your entrepreneur friend an inspirational quote book, preferably one that is geared toward business people. People love to read great quotes. So, when your friend is really feeling their daily grind, a great quote can hopefully snap them back into work mode.


A well-bound journal-style book that offers novelty inspiration makes an incredible gift because it's basically DIY. Inside, you can write your own positive messages to your friend.

If you know that an occasion is coming several months down the road, a product launch party or office opening, for example, you can write little words of encouragement and support to your friend each day until the date of the occasion. This is the ultimate personalized gift. Your homemade journal-style inspiration book will likely become one of your friend's prize possessions.

Reach out to a book supplier to find the right inspirational gift book.