Proper Ways To Get Pallets Ready For Shipping

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Proper Ways To Get Pallets Ready For Shipping

18 August 2021
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Pallets are one of the most valuable resources used in shipping because they give items more support and protection. If you plan on using these materials in your shipping operations, here are some methods that can help you work with them a lot more effectively leading up to shipping.

Make Sure Materials Don't Hang Off

A problem that can happen when pallets are used in shipping is trying to put too many materials on them. That often leads to materials hanging off, which creates a stability issue. The materials may stay put for now, but when the pallets are moved repeatedly, they can end up toppling over.

For this reason, you want to make sure overhanging isn't able to happen with materials placed on pallets for transportation. See to it that you get pallets that are large enough to support materials without any section hanging off, even just slightly.

Research Maximum Weight Capacities 

Every pallet made by a manufacturer today will have a maximum weight capacity. This is the absolute maximum weight a pallet can support without collapsing and cracking. As long as you don't go over this capacity, your pallets should hold up and support your materials so that they can be shipped safely.

You're in charge of finding out what this capacity is, which will depend on the material that the pallet is made of and how it was designed by a manufacturer. Fortunately, you can look up this capacity when buying pallets online. If you already have pallets on your worksite, don't use them until you're sure of their maximum weight capacity.

Always Use Stretch Wrap for More Secure Transportation

Pallets give materials being shipped ample stability as opposed to just being left on the ground. Still, there are instances when materials on pallets can shift positions and then have a higher likelihood of falling over.

You can make this problem less probable by ensuring all of your materials are secured to pallets using stretch wrap. It's an inexpensive material and also easy to work with, especially if your company invests in a pallet wrapping machine. In minutes, you can secure multiple layers of stretch wrap to materials. 

Pallets give you more control over how materials are shipped to various locations. You just need to know how to properly work with this shipping resource when it's required for certain materials. Proper education can lead to safe shipping practices and long-lasting pallets.