Get Ready To Post Bail For Your Family Member Using These Tips

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Get Ready To Post Bail For Your Family Member Using These Tips

5 November 2021
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Once you get that dreaded phone call from jail, you know you need to act quickly to get your family member out on bail. However, very few loved ones know what to do first when they get the call. For some tips on what to do to get ready to post bail, read below.

Get Some Information About Your Family Member

You might have been too surprised by the phone call to find out much information from your loved one. Don't worry, though, you can phone the jail and find out what you need to know before you begin making decisions. Be sure you ask about:

  • The location where your family member is being held
  • What your family member is charged with
  • The bail amount

Should You Pay the Full Bail or Not?

Some don't realize that they have two choices when it comes to paying bail. You can pay the full bail payment to the court. Then, once your family member has complied with all court matters and the case is over, the money is refunded. The other choice is less-expensive and involves using a third-party bail bonding agency.

What To Know About Bail Bonds

A bail bond does the same thing as bail does but at a lower price — it obtains freedom for your family member. Bail bonds are a guarantee that your family member will appear in court later. In return, the bail bonding agency takes care of the bail for you for a premium. The premium is a small percentage of the full bail price. While percentages vary from place to place, they are always a mere fraction of what the court wants you to pay.

Phone a Bail Bonding Company

This can be a difficult time and it's easy to get stressed out about how to handle things. Try phoning a bail bonding agency to find out what to do next. They are usually sympathetic, understanding, and super easy to work with. They know how hard things are for the loved ones of those who have been arrested. They will take your information and provide you with the bail bond premium amount. Once you have paid that premium, your loved one is only minutes from being released from jail. Bail bonds, though they are a lot less expensive, are not refundable. Make your second phone call to a local bail bonding agency and leave your worries at their door.