Advice For Beginners Buying Spot-Welding Machines

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Advice For Beginners Buying Spot-Welding Machines

21 July 2022
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If you're just starting out as a welder, one of the best machines to use is a spot welder. You don't need a lot of welding experience to be successful with it thanks to its simple design. If you're planning to buy one of your own, take these actions. 

Assess the Degree of Portability

Most spot welders are going to be portable to make them easier to travel with and move around work sites. However, the degree of portability can vary with these welding machines and because of this fact, you need to carefully review this attribute with different welders.

Portability comes down to the size, weight, and wheel design of spot welders. If you can find a welder that's small, lightweight, and has dependable wheels that move in all directions, chances are you're going to have an easier time transporting this spot welder to your work site day in, day out. 

Review the Thickness of Target Metals

You probably plan on working with specific metals when welding them together, and they'll have a particular thickness that you need to account for as early as possible. Then you can make sure you get a spot welder that's capable of providing you with enough weld force to adequately secure these metals together.

Try to think about the maximum metal thickness that you'll work with and then use this detail to find a compatible spot welder that's powerful enough and will remain so over the years. Then it won't be necessary to change the power levels of this welder or swap it out with something else.

Consider a Used Model

You don't necessarily need a brand-new spot welder in order to get great welding results. Used models can work just as great as long as they're in great condition and were properly cared for by their previous owners. A used spot welder is probably better in fact because you won't have to spend a fortune to get into welding as a novice. 

Just make sure that when you go out looking for used models, you carefully inspect major parts of the welder and test it out with actual metal materials to confirm nothing is off about its performance. Then you can negotiate with a seller and possibly save a lot of money.

Starting out as a welder, one of the best pieces of equipment you could buy is a spot welder. It doesn't take much to use competently. You just need to find a model that suits your needs and project details perfectly. 

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