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Proper Partnership: Tips For The Business Registration and Operation

When my best friend approached me with this new business opportunity, I decided that it might be fun to work together as partners. What I didn't realize was how complex partnerships could be. Not only was there the daily task distribution and conversations, there was a lot of paperwork to be filed for the business to be legal, and partnerships need to be registered specifically. I created this blog afterward to help illustrate the process and offer tips for others who are considering their own business. If you're looking to be an entrepreneur or start a partnership, I hope the posts here help you get things started.


The Benefits Of Choosing Digital Printed Custom-Made Stickers For Your Small Business

24 May 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

Custom-made stickers can be great for promoting your business and they work well as long-lasting advertisement that can be seen by many people. Getting the most for your money when having your stickers printed is important for getting the most out of the lowest investment, especially if you are trying to keep down advertising costs in your business. For this reason, you need to know why it is best to choose digital printing for your custom-made stickers. Read More …